01.09.2012 to 01.13.2011

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Focus: We're going to look at what time we have left, and what things we can do to make these last weeks work. 

: No need for books today.
  1. Who has their books (at home or here)?
  2. Talk about what we've got left.
  3. What new changes are coming:
    1. Going back to Cornell-ish notes (you'll get papers now)
    2. Student of the Month on Website
  4. What you need to do, and where you are
  5. New Year's (a little late) resolutions for yourself to keep (Extra Credit)
    1. Write down some resolutions for yourself that you will keep for the next five weeks. 
      1. Three school-related
      2. Two for fun
      3. And one for personal growth
HW: Bring your book (you will need it Mon-Thurs from now on).

: Start "Caucasian Mummies Mystify Chinese" P.133. 
Read 133-134. In Trio Classwork: Complete LA, RC, RS 133-134 (Collected in Class)
HW: Read 135-137. Do RS, LA, RC P.135
ACADLIT: P.108 Who, What, Where...

Check HW Questions (p.135 RS, LA, RC). Notes: Vocabulary words
In Trio: P.136 1&2 (Collected in Class)
HW: P.136 3&4
ACADLIT: P.109 Step 3 & 4

Take Survey (all of class must take in order for everyone to get EC): https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/venicestudent
In Trio: P. 137 "Who/What/Why..." Chart (Include in packet)
HW: P.136 5&6
In a short paragraph (about half a page), explain Florence Kelley’s viewpoint on child labor and her reasons for why it should be stopped.

In her speech “Child Labor and Women’s Suffrage”, Florence Kelley argues that child labor should be reformed for children. She claims that child labor causes kids to lose their education.

Quiz 15 - Short Constructed Response. Packet Due.
In a short paragraph, explain both the mystery and the controversy over the Caucasian Mummies' discovery. 

SCR Starter: In "Caucasian Mummies Mystify Chinese", Keay Davidson describes the discovery of Caucasian Mummies in Xinjiang Province, China, in 1978. The mummies had blond hair and ...