01.23.2012 - 01.27.2012

posted Jan 20, 2012, 12:07 PM by Kevin Chow   [ updated Jan 30, 2012, 7:34 AM ]
Focus: I won't be here :( But... Mr. Lalazarian will be! A lot of you know him fondly from Middle School - and I'm very glad for that.  And, we'll still stay in touch via Edmodo and email. So... here's what you're going to be doing. Most of your focus will involve "Perseus" on p.214. 

You will use Cornell Notes sheets for Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs (English P1 and P5 only).
Acad. Lit will write on paper or their composition books. Spend the first part of the period on the Handbook; afterwards, go into Tutorials (work for your other classes, ask for help from students and Mr. Lalazarian). 

  • Read P. 214-217 middle (to where it ends with "...the Gorgons lived.") 
  • Notes "Perseus Pt.1". 
  • In Trio: CV P.214, RS P.215, RC P.215. 
  • HW: RS. P.216, LA P.216.
Acad Lit: P.120 "Using the Strategy". Refer to "The Voyage" P. 111-118

  • Read P. 217-219 to end of page. 
  • Notes "Perseus Pt. 2". 
  • In Trio: CV P.217, RC P.217, CV P.218. 
  • HW: RS P.219, RC P.219. 
Acad. Lit: P.120 "Understanding How Short Stories are Organized". Refer to "The Voyage P. 111-118

  • Read P.220-222
  • Notes "Perseus Pt. 3".
  • In Trio: RS P.220, LA P.220, CV P.221. 
  • HW: Review & Assess P. 222 #1-2 a, b, & c.
Acad. Lit: P.121 "E: Connect" and "F: Pause & Reflect" Refer to "The Voyage"

  • Notes "The Suffix Mort"
  • In Trio: P.224 "Grammar Lesson" Practice 1-5 and "Writing Application"
  • HW: P.224 "Vocabulary Development Lesson" 1-4. 1-3. 1-7
Acad. Lit: P.122 "G: Reread". Refer to "The Voyage" 

Quiz 17 - will be given on Monday with Mr. Chow. 
Complete packet and hand in to Mr. Lalazarian by period's end (both English and Acad. Lit classes). 
Late and incomplete packets will be worth only 50% (F+). 
Practice Quiz Questions: Hand in for Extra Credit up to 90 points (10 each)
1. How did Danae & Perseus get to the island?
2. How does Perseus see Medusa when killing her?
3. How does he escape after killing her, what does he use?
4. What group does Medusa belong to?
5. What happens to the King on the Island?
6. What country does Perseus travel to after the Island?
7. What is the name of the person he rescues?
8. How does King Acriscius finally die?
9. Who ends up getting Medusa's head?