02.06.2012 to 02.10.2012

posted Feb 6, 2012, 7:46 AM by Kevin Chow   [ updated Feb 8, 2012, 7:59 AM ]
Focus: Starting off a new semester - there are a few changes and things to note. 
  1. Books must be returned by Tomorrow. Students that do not return books will be reported. We will continue to use the green book for about one more month. Then, you will be expected to buy a copy of Macbeth. 
  2. Grades will not be released until Tuesday evening. No exceptions will be made for anyone. If you want your grade early, I may be able to release them to you through Edmodo (send a request).
  3. As the result of last week's meeting with the principal, Dean's Office, and school janitors, food will not be allowed past the first 10 minutes of every class. If you are caught eating after that first ten minutes, you will get lunch or nutrition detention here in room 40. If you fail to serve, it will double. If you still fail to serve, you will be referred to the Dean's Office. Drinks are OK but you will be responsible for it if it spills. 
    1. Period 1: Food banned after 8:10am
    2. Period 5: Food banned after 12:45pm
  4. Bathroom passes have been reset. You have one bathroom pass from now until March 30th, when it will reset again.
  5. New TRiOs will be designated this Friday after the quiz
  6. Finally, edmodo (www.edmodo.com) accounts are required for this class, even if you do not have internet at home. Go to the website and use group code "mpfabi" to join.
Monday: Schedules. Ask questions about 2nd semester. Books ordered to be returned. Notes about 2nd semester. Correct finals for opposite period. 

Tuesday: Copy down the poem, "Dreams" by Langston Hughes (p.905). Then, before any reading or thinking, answer these three simple questions (Warmup)
  1. How confident do you feel that you will understand this poem?
  2. Have you heard of Langston Hughes before?
  3. How confident do you feel that you are knowledgeable about 20th century American (not just black) History?
Answers are: Very confident, Somewhat Confident, Unsure, Not Confident. 
Reread. Then, let's talk about it. 
HW: Go to http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/dreams-2/. Then log into your Edmodo page and submit your homework assignment. (02.06 poetry edmodo assignment)

Wednesday: CAHSEE diagnostic. Discuss problems with completing Tuesday's HW on Edmodo.