02.21.2012 to 02.24.2012

posted Feb 21, 2012, 7:55 AM by Kevin Chow   [ updated Feb 24, 2012, 7:49 AM ]
Focus: We're getting back into the green books!

Monday: No School.

Tuesday: Re-distribute books. Students who never turned in books will use the ones they have but EVERYONE will need to bring books back for re-coding in two weeks. Choose new trios - will be used from now until Mar 30 (the day your bathroom passes renew). 
  • In your new trio, while books are being processed: read P. 766 & 767. Share books if you do not have your own. Divide into three sections:
    • William Shakespeare & Starting in Stratford
    • Building a Love of Theater & Stage Celebrity
    • When Were They Written?
  • For each section, take down four important details. We'll be combining these together in class tomorrow to create a set of class notes that will be available online. Details do not need to be in complete sentences - they should be in notes form (bullets or numbers). 
  • HW: If you don't manage to get the complete set of notes (all sections) during class, finish it for homework (either on your own or with your trio through Edmodo, email, or other methods). 

  • WM: Fun Fact about Elizabethan England
  • CN: Why We Read Shakespeare
  • HW: Learning Circle Notes P. 766-767 (see assignment introduced Monday above)
  • WM: Anticipation Guide
  • CN: Historical notes
  • HW: Vocabulary P. 769 (see notes for more details)
FridayQuiz 2
  • Packet Turn-In
    • Notes: "Why We Read Shakespeare" and "Historical Backdrop"
      • Notes includes Warmups for both days
      • Notes includes HW for both days
    • Project: Learning Circle Notes, complete set of 12, p. 766-767
    • Edmodo Assignment (to be completed over the weekend)
      • Edmodo Assignment: Find an interesting fact about Queen Elizabeth I from her Wikipedia entry. Summarize it in your own words, then submit through Edmodo. Interesting facts must be explained and must not be from the first section. See example.