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: Figurative Language, Historical Approach (Analyze the way in which a work of literature is related to the themes and issues of its historical period). Vocabulary. Short Story characteristics. Theme. Prewriting, Prereading, and Postreading strategies. Writing your own short story. Dick Gregory's "Shame"

WM: Throughout your education, teachers have often encouraged you to read multi-cultural texts (in other words, literature written by people who are "white"). Why do you think that schools want to promote multicultural reading? 
CNFigurative Language(ELA), Historical Approach(ELA). Personal Experiences, Prior Knowledge, Class-selected Vocabulary.
Activity: Teacher reads story. Then, in Trios students decide on six words that they feel are interesting or are important to understanding the story - and that some people might not know. As a whole group, we then throw those words up until we have three words that we can all agree to put on the CN and possibly will show up on the week's quiz. *Quick context vocabulary check  ; Possible Vocabulary Words
HW: Cornell Analysis (What did I learn? What was interesting? What would I like to know more about?), Say-Mean-Matter (2 Quotes). 

WM: What's the purpose of Say-Mean-Matter (SMM)? OR Describe an instance where you had to ask for something and felt embarrassed or ashamed. 
CN:  Short Story characteristics - Plot, Setting, Characters, Theme. Think about these in relation to "Shame" as we head off on our campus field trip (Cafeteria, Counseling, Dean's Office/Mr. Paez, Principal, Attendance, Library, Book Room). When we return, divide into Trios (can be same). Work on Vocab Check.  Additional Vocabulary: Main Idea, Inferences, Tone *Quick Reading Check
HW: Re-read "Shame". Chart out what you believe is the Plot, Setting, Character, and Theme of "Shame". Decide on Plot (3 Sentence, no more no less, based on Setting/Climax/Resolution), Setting, Characters, Theme. As always, Cornell Analysis. Borrow a book from the school library, public library, or home. You will need to bring this for Friday. Amazon order list opens today and closes Wednesday. 

WM: What's your process for crafting a piece of writing? For instance, what are some things you would like to do to get yourself into the mood? Imagine yourself as a Short Story Craftsman/Craftswoman - what are the things that you would ideally do to get in the mood, gather your ideas, actually write it (and on what?), keep yourself motivated, and finally present it. Make a list of your Fiction Crafting process. http://www.craftingfiction.com/ 
CN: Irony, *Discussion Questions, Introduce Writing Prompt. Prewriting Strategy: Mind Map - Prompt at Center of Map. 
HW: Students Mind Map the Writing Prompt. Draw on your Personal Experiences. Refer to link above for example. Then, write First Draft of your Powerful Word Short Story. Be prepared to peer edit on Thursday. 

WM: A light year is 5.9x10^12 miles and Alpha Centuri is 2.5x10^14 miles away. If your friend stood on the surface of Alpha Centuri and waved, how long would it be until you could see it from the earth? Bonus: I have two U.S. coins that add up to fifty-five cents. One is not a nickel. What coins are they?
CN: Students pair up and read each other's Short Stories. Split CN area horizontally. Chart Plot, Setting, and Theme. Do this twice (pair up with 2 different people). If you need help, ask the author! While you're doing this, also point out any parts that you don't understand or any errors that you think you see. 
HW: Revise your Powerful Word Short Story. This is required. You will not receive full credit if you only turn in one Short Story. The highest grade you can get for this Project (remember, it's 40% of your grade) will be a C if you do not hand in both a First Draft and a Final Draft. It is recommended that you type it out (you can use Google Documents, Microsoft Word, or Open Office), print, and staple on top of your First Draft. It should be double spaced, Times New Roman or Arial, size 12 point, and margins should be 1" all around. Your name, date, and course should be in the upper right hand corner, and your Title should be centered. You can see a sample formatted essay in Google Documents here: Sample Essay

No Cornell Notes. 
Introduce Independent Reading Project: You will have to turn in an Independent Reading Project once every two months. This project will not be paper based. You will read, at your own pace, and on Fridays, a book that you choose (you should have brought your borrowed or purchased book today). You will have to create a Book Report - but not your traditional book report. You need to create a multimedia presentation that will then be posted to a central page (will probably be to the Edmodo assignment), or handed in (in the case of a drawing, diagram, or other kind of non-writing project). If you don't have a computer or access to a computer with internet, come talk to me. We will try to find one that fits your budget - and if your family doesn't have a budget for it at this time, we'll find resources that you can access for free such as the Library, Classroom Computers, and Community Computer centers. Here are some possible ideas:
Web Resources:
Prezi (good for making an interactive slide show. level: 3)
Popplet (great for mind maps. level: 2)
LucidChart (very powerful charting tool. level: 4)
youtube (make a video: like a book review, for example. level: 1)
google documents Presentation: (like powerpoint, but cloud. level: 2)
Voicethread (upload pictures and then record your voice talking over it. level: 3)
Animoto (animated slide show, use the classroom account. level: 1)
Offline Resources:
MS Powerpoint: standard powerpoint
Open Office Presentation: like powerpoint
Windows Movie Maker
Whichever format you choose, you will have to present it. Due date will be the last week of the second month. 
Turn in Week2 Packet (Notes pages from Monday-Thursday)
Turn in Powerful Word Short Story Project (both First and Final Draft)
Assemble packet and get ready to be called. 
Networking Assignment: Talk your your classmates. These are the people that you will be working with for this entire year. I want you to talk to at least three different classmates today. For each, I'd like you to ask them a question about them - something they like to do, something they like to eat, something they are hoping to do someday. And share something of your own as well. You don't need to write anything - but be prepared to possibly be called on at the end of class to say a few things about your expereince.

What's Due on Friday:
  1. 3 Cornell Notes (completed as appropriate) from Mon-Weds
  2. 1 First Draft, PWSS
  3. 2 Completed Peer Reviews, PWSS (PR #1 and #2)
  4. 1 Final Draft, PWSS
Points: 100 HW points; 100 Performance (PR); 100 Project points; 100 Quiz (VC)