10.03.2011 to 10.07.2011

posted Oct 2, 2011, 9:34 PM by Kevin Chow   [ updated Oct 4, 2011, 7:34 AM ]
Focus: It's Week 5. And every five weeks, I want to do a reflection with you all about the road we've traveled together. So far, we've read an incredibly painful short story about Shame and Guilt, read a fun short story that actually asks a very difficult question about what it means to be Human, and studied an interesting article about the way technology shapes not only our futures but also what we consider to be Essential. Do you see the connection between all of these? 

It's like this: I want my students to develop not just their academic skills - like understanding what Figurative Language is, or how to identify and organize evidence in a non-fiction essay - but also develop Values. Do you know what values are? At ELAC, when I was 19, I had a professor - his name was Professor Sanchez - who said that English isn't just about the study of literature - it's the study of Wisdom, the study of being Human. 

In the future, we will be competing against machines, cheap foreign labor, and an unimaginably vast competitive field. How do we remain relevant in such a crazy world? Do we hold on to our Values, or do we take the Wide Road, doing whatever it takes to get ahead? When we see our fellow humans suffering, do we try to help - or just be glad that it isn't us? Do we hold onto our families and our history, or do we abandon them in favor of what's new and popular? 

So, this week, we'll be looking at ourselves - not just ourselves, but our roots. Because, my friends, in this world nothing is certain. You may be rich today, and poor tomorrow. You may be the biggest kid on the campus one day, and the smallest newbie the next. But no one can take away who you believe you are. 
  • "The Road Not Taken", P.188
  • The Road You've Taken - Interviews In Trios; Collaborative Poetry and Public Speaking
  • "New Directions", P.191
  • Figurative Language Writing Workshop
  • Family Biography/Roots Research; VT practice in-class
  • Student Conferences
  • Establish IRP Calendar
WM: What does the word "Wisdom" mean? What does it mean to "be wise"?
CN: Trodden, Diverged, Undergrowth, Hence. Figurative Language. Notes on Robert Frost and "Road Not Taken". Read "The Road Not Taken". In Trios: #5, #6. Discuss afterwards. 
HW: #2, 4 P.189

WM: Which of the speaker's feelings or experiences in "The Road Not Taken" seem most relevant to your own life? Why?
CN: Collaborative Poetry in Trio; Present In-Class. First 15 minutes each member writes possible lines in CN. 
HW: Preview "New Directions" P.191. Choose three of the Question Types below and write possible post-reading questions on "New Directions" using them: Who? What? Where? When? How? Why?

WM: How is your Family Research coming along? Any interesting things you've found out? If you haven't done it yet, why not? How might you do it? 
CN: Amicably, Meticulously, Specters, Ominous, Unpalatable. Maya Angelou. Challenges for women and single mothers at the turn of the 20th Century. Read "New Directions" P.191. In Trios: #3, #4. Discuss afterwards.
HW: Fluency True or False 1-9 P.194

Figurative Language Writing Workshop, P.195. "Choose one of the selections and write an essay evaluating the writer's use of figurative language." 1) Develop Figurative Language Organizer. 2) Draft. 3) Write Reflective Conclusion. Peer Edit in Trios.
HW: Revise and Rewrite (no typing required).

Collaborative Assessment. 
Assemble Packet. Students may tinker with VT (as with other days).
Student conferences, continued.