10.10.2011 to 10.14.2011

posted Oct 9, 2011, 7:52 PM by Kevin Chow   [ updated Oct 12, 2011, 8:59 PM ]
 Last week was a very traumatic one for all of us. Classes were closed, students were shuffled around without warning, and some teachers were let go. It is very difficult to keep a sense of motivation when the very foundations of our trust in the institution are shaken as they were last week. 

This week, we are going to focus on refinement. Refinement is the process by which something that has impurities in it are removed so that only the really "good stuff" remains. Mostly commonly, this is done with precious metals such as gold or silver. In our case, we will refine our poems. Not a whole lot - just a little bit. 

Remember those Family Bio voicethreads? Well, we're still going to do them. What you will do is eventually create a FBV of at least four slides. You will also create a figurative language poem that will accompany that FBV. The idea is that for each slide there will be a stanza of your poem, either typed or recorded by microphone. 

When will that be due? Well, you're going to start presenting them on Tuesday of next week. Greens will go first, then Reds, then Blues (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday). Next Friday, we'll reward ourselves with a nice little tea-get-together where we'll have a little food, a little music, and a chance for you all to mingle and talk to each other about the different things you've learned about each other. 

WM: Look back at Robert Frost's "Road Not Taken" on p.191. Write down the words that rhyme for each stanza. 
CN: Poetic Meter. http://www.shmoop.com/road-not-taken/rhyme-form-meter.html describes in more detail the technical aspects of Frost's poem. Let's take Robert Frost's "Road Not Taken": a very complex poem in terms of meter. An accurate description of the poem's meter is that it iniambic tetrameter, with multiple variations such as anapests thrown in. That's too much to expect out of ninth graders. But we can expect students to reconfigure their already-written poems (which I had them post to edmodo last week) into Robert Frost's ABAAB rhyme scheme. Last week, the requirement was 5 line stanzas and three stanzas total; now I want them to put those stanzas in ABAAB. 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, (A)
And sorry I could not travel both (B)
And be one traveler, long I stood (A)
And looked down one as far as I could (A)
To where it bent in the undergrowth; (B)

At this point, we need some modeling. Here's a poem fragment:

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. (A)
We promised each other we'd keep in touch, (B)
And assured each other that we could; (A)
Adding kisses and whispers to where we stood, (A)
"Things will be fine", "We'll find ways", and such. (B) 

Now, students need to re-write theirs in their Trios (small semi-permanent groups of three). A secondary objective during this time would be to decide who their new group members will be for the next five weeks. www.rhymezone.com can help find rhymes. 
HW: Add your group's re-written "metered stanza" to your existing Edmodo poem post. Use the "edit" button. Pre-read P.232 "Shoulders"

I'll show them my voicethread for Naomi Shihab Nye's poem "Shoulders", and tell them that next week, students will be presenting similar voicethreads made about their families: and I will tell them that here is how their project will be graded: First of all, if they have a voicethread with at least six pictures/video clips and 3-4 sentences of commentary to go with each one, they will get an B, guaranteed (provided that the poem is connected to the pictures/video clips). If it's any less than that, they do not get to present and they will receive only a C. To get an A-, a posted voicethread must get at least 30% of the class to vote "like" when he or she presents in class. To get an A, a posted voicethread must get at least 60% of the class to vote "like". To get an A+, at least 90% of the class has to vote "like". Finally, all FBV's should have "Choices and Challenges" as a theme.
  1. At least six pictures/video clips
  2. At least 3-4 sentences of commentary for each picture/video clip
  3. Presentation must last at least 2.5 minutes (150 seconds)
  4. Guaranteed B; Votes for A-, A, A+
  5. Projects should be posted to Edmodo and will be linked to Gallery Page on www.mrkevinchow.com
  6. (The next project will be to write a poem to go with it). 
HW: Gather evidence.

Model the process of editing my voicethread, along with uploading files from USB. Tell students that files can also be uploaded from SD card or Bluetooth. Define new trios (10.12 to 11.11), then release students to work on FBV.
Work on FBV. This day is set aside completely for FBV.
HW: Work on your FBV at home, library, or friends' house. Presentations begin next Tuesday 10.18.2011 with Reds going on Tuesday, Blues on Wednesday, Greens Thursday. Refer to yesterday's notes for grading system.

Workshop day for FBV. 
CN: Show Mr. Chow's own version of FBV.

Workshop day for FBV.
CN: Show Mr. Chow's own version of FBV.