10.31.2011 to 11.04.2011

posted Oct 28, 2011, 1:54 PM by Kevin Chow   [ updated Nov 4, 2011, 11:39 AM ]
Focus: Persuasive Writing and Argument
You're going to be tested by the state soon on whether or not you can write a Persuasive Essay. But what does that mean? So we're going to practice it. First, we'll take a look at a real-life persuasive project - "Gasland". In this documentary, the director using Writing, Video, Sound, and Graphics to convince the viewer (you) that Natural Gas Fracking is bad for people. 
Then, we'll practice some Persuasive project writing of our own using a real test just like the one you will take next week. Don't forget also that you need to do your IRP project...... ! Check the calendar to see when you'll have to present yours. Use Voicethread (or another type of presentation) for this one.

View "Gasland". If you miss the video, you can watch it on Netflix (if you have it), or you can watch clips of it on YouTube. I'll try to post clips here soon. Happy Halloween! 
In the film, look for:
  1. What similarities do you notice between "Gasland" and the voicethreads we made?
  2. What message do you feel the director is trying to persuade (convince) you about?
  3. What evidence, if any, does the director mention to support his message?
Note: We will collect the notes from last week (just Dr. Dudovitz's questions) this Friday along with this week's packet. 

AL: P. 52 all: use p. 50 for the steps after a cut in the skin.

In-class workshop for IRP. Greens will be presenting first next week. Students will be notified of their respective presentation dates. 

 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
 Eduar R.
Jose L
Jose C
Ashley N
John C

Bryan M

 Mon Tues Weds Thus Fri
Chris D

AL: P. 53 Step 2

Practice SPA #1 Persuasion, Multiple Choice Section. The real SPA will be November 8th (next Tuesday). You will be working in partners for this one. We will correct and discuss these questions tomorrow. 

1: find a partner
2: sit next to your partner
3: read the 1st article
4: discuss and answer the question together
5: write down any words you don’t know
6: repeat steps 3-5 for the rest of the articles.

AL: P. 55 Step 1 Topic/Given/Need to Find & Step 2

Practice SPA #1 Persuasion, SCR Organizer. We will correct and discuss the MC questions from Weds, and then do the SCR in-class. You will work in partners, but will each write your own. 

We'll create a word wall tomorrow with all the words that we don't know. We'll make a poster out of it so that we know what to do with them on the test next Tuesday. 

AL: P. 58 Web Organizer

Practice SPA #1 Persuasion, SCR Writing Assignment. We will discuss the SCR organizer, and begin the SCR in-class. You will finish this (ideally, typed, double-spaced) over the weekend to be handed in on Monday. We will also check off the notes and work from this week.