11.07.2011 to 11.11.2011

posted Nov 7, 2011, 8:06 AM by Kevin Chow   [ updated Nov 9, 2011, 9:06 AM ]
Focus: SPA! We are starting our official SPA #1 on Tuesday. The test will last from Tuesday all the way to Wednesday. Tuesday will be our MC; Wednesday will be SCR and the beginning of the short essay; Thursday will be for the short essay and finishing up anything that we did not finish. Finally, we will check over our work on 
Thursday. On Friday... we will have NOTHING ... because of Veteran's Day. So, that's our week for this week. 

Grades will also be turned in on Thursday. I'll give you guys new grade reports this week along with parent letters. 

: On Friday, you were supposed to do the SCR (the organizer) and over the weekend you were supposed to turn it into a paragraph essay about 1 to 1.5 pages long, DOUBLE SPACED (skip lines), and with a Title. The requirements of the essay are (besides the formatting part):

  • Must have a Title.
  • Must have a Thesis sentence that states your argument about teens and driving.
  • Must have 2 pieces of Evidence (at least one from the articles) to back up your Thesis.
  • Must have a Counterclaim (what the other side says against you), and you must Refute it (show how it's wrong). 
  • A Conclusion sentence. 
1 Point for each, 5 points total. We will be scoring an example SCR Essay today and then you will spend the period working on and scoring each other's essays. Essays need to be finished in class today, and final drafts will be collected Wednesday. 

AL:  We're conferencing with students to develop plans toward making it this year. 

: SCR Multiple Choice
Don't Forget: 
  1. Connotation: The way a word sounds. It can be either positive (good) or negative (bad)
  2. Evidence: Proof
  3. Tone: The way an author's "voice" sounds - angry, sad, regretful...
  4. Credible: Believable 

SCR Organizer
You'll be working on the SCR (Short Constructed Response) Organizer as well as beginning your SCR Essay today. Our goal is to finish as much as possible so we have time left over tomorrow for both IRPs and checking of SPA scores. 


SCR Essay; IRP presentations; Check scores. Finish SCR essays. Remember to turn in your practice SCR organizers and essays (will be packet grade).