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: We'll be going back into "The Birds" and spending a little more time on details. Remember, eventually you'll be asked to compare the way people cope with danger in this short story with the way people cope with danger in "The Perfect Storm". 

Picture: A Zombie-Proof (and maybe bird-proof?) Car

Monday: Mini-Quiz p. 58-69
Read: Be caught up all the way to p. 73
HW: LA p.70, RC p.71, RC p. 73
Key term: Foreshadowing is a literary device in which an author indistinctly suggests certain plot developments that might come later in the story.
Extra Credit Assignment, due Dec. 14th: Up to three people can work on a single project. Design a bird-proof shelter. For ideas, check out Zombie Apocalypse Disaster Plan from the CDC and this very expensive Zombie Proof House . You can do it as a blueprint like this or you can actually build one out of a shoebox or other model material. Powerpoint 66-69
Acad. Lit: P. 92 "G"

: Mini-Quiz p. 69-73
Read: 73-77
HW: RS p.74, RC p.75, RC p.77
Key Term: Predicting is a skill that good readers have. When you Predict, you use clues in the text to make good guesses about what is likely to happen next. Powerpoint 73-77

: Mini-Quiz p.73-77 (last individual mini-quiz)
Read: 77-79
HW: RC p.77, LA p.79

:Trio Quiz: P.77-79
Read: 80-82 We are finishing "The Birds" today. 
HW: Review & Assess P. 82 1-3 (a&b)
Golf: Mary Harper's House Meeting

: Minimum Day. Jackets of Excellence
Watch: "The Birds"
Present: Trace, Jessica, Anthony IRPs. 
Assign: Wiki Project Trio Topics