ELD3 & ELD4: Unit 3, October 26th - December 19th, 2015

posted Oct 26, 2015, 9:04 AM by Kevin Chow   [ updated Dec 8, 2015, 9:42 AM ]
ELD 3: Following Your Dreams
  • The Writing Prompt for this Unit will ask you to write a Character Sketch. This will be an essay that fully describes a person of your choice, real or imaginary. The sketch must include vivid descriptions of both their physical and personality traits.
ELD 4: Problems & Solutions
  • The Writing Prompt for this Unit will ask you to write a Persuasive Essay. This will require you to choose a topic that you feel strongly about, and then write an argument convincing your readers of your argument.

Final Schedule for ELD3 | ELD4

12.07 - 12.11.2015
Monday: Pre-writing, organizing, Final Essay
Tuesday: Writing Introduction in class, writing full first draft at home
Wednesday: Typing & Sharing Final Essay in class; Starting Final Review study guide at home
Thursday: Review Final Review study guide, Typing Final Essay in Class
Friday: Review Final Review study guide, Finishing Final Essay and sharing with Mr. Chow

12.14 - 12.18.2015
Monday: Review briefly Final Review Study Guide, discuss briefly Final Essay (63 minutes)
Tuesday: Last review of Final Review Study Guide
Wednesday: Do not see you
Thursday: Final, multiple choice, Unit 3 for both ELD3 and ELD4
Friday: ?