Sem2, Week 2

posted Jan 21, 2014, 1:08 PM by Kevin Chow   [ updated Jan 22, 2014, 10:01 AM ]

  • MLK Day, NS
  • First BIC (Breakfast in Classroom) day! Dilan will be our regular Breakfast Sheriff; Esdras & Franco are alternates.
  • Split groups for wikispaces study guide on "The Lady, or the Tiger?"
    • Complete study guide section on Google Docs first
    • Then copy and paste into Wikispaces
  • HW: Complete sections
  • BIC: Dilan will assist. BIC time ends at 8:45.
    • Discuss KBC project. What problems did we encounter? What suggestions do students have for improving the experience?
  • Distribute Composition Notebooks.
  • Warmup: Past Perfect Tense Verbs (hadd
  • Notes: PPTV
  • Exercise: P. 109 & 110 Grammar Book : 10 minutes
  • Exercise: P. 99 & 100 Practice Book : 10 minutes
  • Complete Study Guide on Computers
  • HW: complete exercises at home.

  • BIC: What do you think about breakfast? What do you think of what Mr. Chow made with the leftovers?
    • Homework stamping
  • Warmup: Playing with other helping verbs (could, would, should, must, might, will)
  • Notes: Conditional Sentences and new helping verbs
  • Exercise: P. 107
  • Exercise: Role-play
  • HW: P. 108. For part C, first edit for errors using proofreader's marks. Then, rewrite the entire paragraph so that it is correct.