Sem 2, Week 5

posted Feb 12, 2014, 9:51 AM by Kevin Chow
  • Unit 4 Test, Part 2 (Writing Assessment) on Google Doc
  • Complete Unit 4 Test, Part 2. Submit to Mr. Chow
  • Make-up Work Day. Check all Engrade scores and entries.
  • Grades are due. 5-week period.
  • Announcements for Quarter 2:
    • All late Workbook assignments have a maximum grade of "3".
    • Avoid eating during class time. You can feel free to take as much as you want at the end of class, but don't eat during class because it is getting too messy and too distracting.
    • Please do not play games during class. If you are done, then help someone near you.
  • Extended Writing Assignment: Essay