Week 13: 11.05 to 11.09.2012

posted Nov 5, 2012, 7:57 AM by Kevin Chow   [ updated Nov 13, 2012, 8:52 AM ]
Focus: Poe

  • Warmup: Poetry
  • Notes: Bring your book!
  • Scavenger Hunt Questions 1-6 - finish for homework
    • Monday Activity : Poe
      1. What were some of the tragic events Poe faced during his life? How do you think these may have influenced Poe's writing?
      2. Poe was sometimes described as opinionated, romantic, impractical, arrogant, ingenious, creative, intelligent and restless. Did you find examples in your research that would support these descriptions?
      3. Do you think many of the themes of Poe's work can be explained by the events in his life?
      4. Do you think Poe's frequent moves impacted his work? Explain.
      5. Are you surprised that Poe didn't get along with his father? Explain.
      6. Poe was recognized as a skilled writer during his lifetime and yet he was often very poor. Do you think this would happen if Poe had lived today? Explain.
  • Use http://knowingpoe.thinkport.org
  • also, use p.194-198 (orange book)