Week16 05.29 - 06.02.2012

posted May 29, 2012, 8:28 AM by Kevin Chow
Project Helping Tips:
  1. Live-Action Video: Check out YouTube for other high school projects Must be acted out in class. 
  2. Prop-Building: Check out the films for ideas of what to make. See instructables website
  3. Movie Reviews (need one review per member, and published): see MIB3 review
  4. Wiki Research Article: you can do a video article!
  5. R&J Google Site: here's one. of course, yours will only be about R&J. 
  6. R&J Video: same as #1. Difference is, this must be video recorded (and ideally, uploaded). Does not have to use human actors (can be puppets, video games, etc) Halo 3 R&J
  7. Animoto video: check out this girl's version
  8. Shoebox R&J: check out this girl's question on Yahoo answers for a few ideas. 
  9. R&J Songs: don't know how good these are, but some have been written - lyrics here
  10. Voicethread R&J: check out Nannette/Ashley/Trace's project here
Hopefully these are some ideas that will help you get started. Each member must be equally invested in the project. As further tips, all members should make google gmail accounts so they can stay in touch. Phone numbers may be helpful as well. 

Tuesday (Memorial Day Monday): LC and Project Selection, final choice making. Meet with teacher to talk over which they want to do. Then go and register. 

Wednesday: Probably start SPA 3. 

Thursday: SPA 3

Friday: Return to working on Project. We will be working exclusively on this until the end of the year.