Week19: 05.20 - 05.24.2013

posted May 21, 2013, 10:51 AM by Kevin Chow   [ updated May 23, 2013, 1:21 PM ]
  • CAP Test
  • type, post, revise
    • peer edit, submit on kbc.wikispaces.com


  • IR
  • Rbook
  • LBook
  • CAP Test Final Day
  • Type, post, revise
  • Comment (2)
  • IR (22)
  • Notes in Journal
  • Rbook 214-215
  • R180 (SRI IF NOT DONE)
  • HW: Lbook P. 166 & 167



  • IR (22) - All students must be on tables. All students must stay seated for their minutes to count. Every 3 minutes students will be checked.
  • Notes: LBook P. 168, 169
  • Rbook: P. 216, 217
    • Segregate - to separate one group of people from another
    • Segregation - the idea of keeping people or ______ apart
    • Influence - to affect how someone or something develops, behaves, or believes
    • Influential - having the power to _________ things
    • Inference - a guess based on what you know
    • Infer - to make a guess based on _________ ______ _________
  • R180 (25)
  • Go to Library @ 2:50. Students cannot check out books.. because of the end of the year.
  • HW: Lbook P. 216, 217

  • IR (22)
  • Notes: Lbook P. 170 (pages from 166-171 should be done by tonight)
  • Rbook: Check for progress
  • R180 (25 - need 80 by today)
  • Post up essays
  • Watch videos
    • obama video: @ 16:50
    • Klan Video
    • church bombing video
  • Read the following Article: "You Have to Be Rich to Be Poor"

  • From Mr. Chow: In my own life, I've had to do much of the things from the article - wait for the bus, struggle with laundry at the laundromat with a pocketful of quarters, pay rent that costs as much as the monthly payment on a house. I never thought that I was poor even though I was making $6 an hour, but now looking back... maybe I was. But I don't think I ever felt like I was being punished for being poor. Instead, I felt that I was getting a fair trade - I didn't have to pay for a car, but I'd have to wait for a bus. I didn't have to pay for a house with laundry machines, but I had to bring my own quarters. I didn't own my own house, but then I could move whenever I wanted. 

  •  Do you agree with what DeNeel Brown writes? Do you believe that being poor "costs" more than it does to be middle-class? What are some of your own experiences? Create a Google Doc and write a short paragraph stating your viewpoint, including some experiences from your own life.

  • Make sure you finished the organizer from Wednesday (look back up on this page)
  • and...
  • Watch this video: Homeless to Harvard
  • HW: Read this article: How to Survive Being Poor