Week 1 Semester 1 08.12-08.15

posted Aug 12, 2014, 9:54 AM by Kevin Chow   [ updated Aug 15, 2014, 10:00 AM ]

  • First Day of School
  • Set up the room. Student desks facing forward, two rows of 8 desks each. 
  • Distribute journals. Name, date starting and ending (08.12.2014 - 12.22.2014), ESL 4 A, Room N328 Mr. Chow
  • Introduce self and tell me about a challenge that you've had to face throughout your student career. 
  • Now talk to the people next to you (not behind you) and ask them what is something they are worried about for this coming year. 
  • Journal: Answer these questions in complete sentences. If you can combine two or more answers together into a single sentence, do so.
    • Do you have a computer at home?
    • Do you have internet at home?
    • Do you have a cell phone that is able to go on to the internet or use wifi?
  • Syllabus: Online at 
  • Homework: 
    • Strongly Recommended Supplies: Backpack, Accordion Folder, College Ruled lined paper. 
  • Share a worry about the upcoming year with a partner. 
  • Discuss journal responses.
  • Journal: Who was your partner, and what was your partner worried about? Collect.
  • Issue Textbooks.
  • Issue Practice Books.
  • Issue Grammar Books.
  • Go to website and register Name and Books
  • Homework: Get school supplies; bring phone if you have one. Do "Creativity" map on P. 1.
  • What do you think the word "creativity" means?
    • Create: to make from nothing / latin "crear"
    • Creature: an animal that was created
    • Creativity: the quality of how much you can create
      • create + ity = abstract noun
      • abstract = you can't touch it
      • noun = person, place, thing or IDEA
  • Watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weIQIthC3Ks
  • Journal: How creative are you? What is something you have created?
    • Requires
      • tools
      • a prompt (what makes you want to create something?)
      • other people's ideas
  • Create Google Accounts
  • Register Google account at: 
  • HW: Complete Creativity map in Practice Book
  • Discuss PB p.1 map - talk about Tools, Prompts (what inspires you), Sharing Ideas
  • Playing with creativity
    • Tools:
      • Vocabulary: Descriptive, Phrases, Thesaurus, Synonyms, Creation, Details, Subject, Predicate
      • Google Docs for your chart
      • Sharing your work
  • Read "Nothing" on P.12 in HP Textbook.
  • Discuss. What is "nothing" for Hinjosa in her poem?
  • Journal: When you first looked at the painting, did it look like nothing? After looking at the painting for a little while, what do you think there is in there?
  • Complete Google Account Registration.
  • Each student creates the table on p. 13 in their Google Docs. Use http://thesaurus.com/browse/pointy to look up synonyms of words you know.
    •  Descriptive Details
       Words or Phrases I know
       New Words or Phrases
  • HW: P. 2 Practice Book