Week 1, Semester 2

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Monday: Read "Plainswoman" in class. Pay special attention to the active reader notes in the margins. For tonight's homework, you will be re-reading the story in your own book. You will need to make a reading journal as well (also known as a double-entry journal). You will be required to make four entries in your notebook, and each entry should be similar to the ones you find in the margins of this story. 
SRI = all students. Print out at end of class. 

Tuesday: Review DEJ process. Class share and tell about DEJs. Students complete first independent DEJ in class if not done already. 
HW: Read P. 161 The Sniper. Do 4 DEJs

Wednesday: Journals will be used throughout the second semester. Each text will require journal entries, but you will not be doing journals every day - some days you will be doing organizers, questions, or short essays. We will of course continue with our projects. 

Vocabulary Assignment:
Imagine that you are the sniper in the story. Write a letter of advice to another sniper. Use at least 4 vocabulary words from this list. Due Friday.

1.envelope [verb]
2. beleaguer 
3. ascetic
4. fanatic
5. parapet
6. sniper
7. turret
8. paroxysm
9. ruse
10. reeling
11. remorse
12. concussion
13. spirits [pg. 166]
14. silhouette
15. overcome
16. lodge [verb]
17. dart [verb]
18. dim
19. spasmodically
20. iodine 


  1. Quiz "The Sniper"
    1. 2-3 people, open book
    2. write letter of the answer and the answer
    3. 2 questions are EC (extra credit - see pg. 159 for some hints)
    4. will be scored and entered today
  2. HW Check - stamp
  3. HW P. 168 Exercise A and Excercise B
    1. No need to copy questions
  1. Delayed for Next Week 
  2. Classwork - discuss letter criteria chart
    1. Format properly
    2. Check for: 
      1. Does it actually give advice that could conceivably come from the events fo the story?
      2. 4 Vocabulary words used properly
      3. Should be about one page, double spaced
      4. Size 12 font, and a legible font type
      5. Typed and shared on Google Docs
      6. Important: Title it "Letter to a Sniper P1"