Week 4 01.28 - 02.01

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Classwork: -Warm up: How do you feel about the assignment? (Self Assessment)
                -Paragraph correction: [Ironic event at the community pool]
                    [Click here for Powerpoint]
                -Review of Irony: In your own words, describe why the situation was ironic.
[All three CW assignments were collected at the end of class.]

Homework: -Complete Edmodo assignments
                -Check for comments on your Edmodo essay on "The Necklace", and revise.
  1. Read 25 minutes
  2. 15 second "Reading Circle"
  3. 25 minutes R180 
  4. Period 4: all for revising and publishing paragraph
Classwork: -Irony Worksheet: Found here.
                        -Directions: In table groups, match the scenario to the type of irony.
Homework: -Complete Edmodo

Classwork: -Character Change Poster
                        -Directions: use post-its to describe the characteristics of Della, Mme. Loisel, and the sniper.
                 -Final Assessment: Model Outline
                        -Click here for Model Outline
Homework: FINAL ASSESSMENT ESSAY [Comparing characters]
                            DUE AT THE END OF CLASS ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2012.


  1. Current minutes R180 Software / Current Library Minutes / Current Classwork / Current Project
  2. System 44
  3. Sustained Silent Reading: 25
  4. R180 Software / Paragraph Project
    1. Write your own paragraph: What are some ways that teens can manage their money better? Use the articles in Workshop 5. 
      • Must be five sentences. 
      • Must have topic sentence
      • Must list three different ways teens can better manage money 

English 9B===
  • Final Draft + 1st Draft + Outline = Due Feb. 8th. No late submissions accepted.
  • Make sure for today:
    • Finish outline
    • Set to "Public" and "Anyone can edit"
    • Post with "Add link" button to Edmodo assignment
    • Make sure all parts of Outline are complete (see model)
  • For this weekend:
    • Read comments (we'll be done by Friday 10pm)
    • Write 1st draft on New Document or on paper
    • Follow steps for Edmodo submission above 
Online copies of the stories:

  1. SSR 25
  2. LBook P. 
  3. Outlines & Paragraphs for Credit Cards due today. No late submissions accepted.
  4. R180: 90 minutes for A-, 80 for B-,70 for C-, 60 for D-
  5. For this weekend, read your Independent Reading Book. If you do not have one yet, you should get one on your own at the school or public library.