Week 4: 09.04 to 09.07

posted Sep 4, 2012, 7:53 AM by Kevin Chow   [ updated Sep 7, 2012, 8:10 AM ]
Focus: Next week we are going to be presenting our projects. Therefore, this entire week is going to be nothing but pre-writing, writing, revising, and final publishing. The goal is to begin presentations by Wednesday Sept. 12th. There are a few changes to the project:
  • Each member will be required to write an essay. He or she may choose any of the three stances (for, against, compromise). 
  • Each member will be required to find an article in support of his or her stance, and post it to the wiki.
  • All members are required to have Gmail and Edmodo accounts by Wednesday 09.05. This is a required assignment. 
  • Finally, by 09.14 (next Friday) all students in English 9 are required to have an accordion folder. You do not have to buy it from me, you can get it anywhere. But this is now a class requirement.
Tuesday: This is where we begin to construct our essays. You will receive a copy of the Framework (again, if you didn't get one last week). 
  • Team leaders will meet with me in the computer row to work on researching articles and linking to the class wiki. For their homework assignment, team leaders will need to read and write a 2 to 3 sentence summary of their article (will also be posted to wiki). 
  • Other members will focus on:
    • Deciding on what stance they want to try first
    • Writing a framework for their stance using the Framework guide
      • Introduction & Central Claim (2 sentences)
      • Supporting Claims & Evidence (2 sentences)
      • Concluding Claim & Final thoughts (2 sentences)
Wednesday: All students will be required to have contributed to the Wiki and have written their Framework by the end of this day. All students will also be required to have participated in the Framework Peer Review.
  • Team members review provided supplementary research articles, write a 2-3 sentence summary of each and present to the rest of their group. Team members evaluate research articles and highlight quotes they feel would be most helpful. Try to get two from each article. (15)
  • Team members jigsaw articles within groups. (4x2)
  • Students complete Framework - remember, right now you don't need to cite evidence just yet. You just need to have the claims written. You can also change the claims later. (30)
  • Team leaders continue workshop with Mr. Chow on how to link articles, edit Wiki (Simultaneous)
  • Students must evaluate 2 other group member's completed Framework: Framework Evaluation (5x2)
  • HW: Write rough draft of Gun Debate Project Essay. 2-3 pages, double spaced (typed or handwritten). If typed, email it to yourself so you don't have to type it again in class Friday. 
Supplementary Articles:
Fact Articles (very long, but good for finding statistics and graphs)
Thursday: R180===
  • Handout and Rotations: SG station and PC station only
  • P. 11 and 12, Bethany's story
  • Create evidence bank with students: upload online to N322guns.wikispaces.com site
  • Teacher models first two paragraphs of sample essay. 
  • All students must have a rough draft completed by period's end. 
  • Rough draft should have all of the framework components
  • Essays that are not done will need to be completed over the weekend.
  • Late penalties for any essays not completed by period's end unless everyone has their essays at least halfway done.