Week 6 09.16 to 09.20.2013

posted Sep 16, 2013, 8:33 AM by Kevin Chow
  • HP
    • No warmup
    • Finish Presentations
    • Read Space Exploration
    • Jigsaw notes by 4s: P. 100 to 103 in Journals. 4 Notes each page. 
    • HW: Read 104 to 107. Do #1 and #2 on P. 107 in your Journal. 
  • ENG9A
    • Warmup: Describe your experience so far with English classes and High School. For example, who was your 9th ENG teacher? Have you had to chance classes this year, or in other years? Have you always been at this school? Three or four sentences will do the job. This will help me understand where you come from (not literally). 
    • Discuss what's coming up and grading system. 
    • Issue textbooks.
    • Issue Journals.
    • Group-Read "Rising Tides"
    • Decide as a group on 6 words or groups of words that you believe are worth further understanding. 
    • HW: