Week7: 03.19-03.23

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Focus: WASC will be coming by classrooms today to see if VHS meets accreditation standards. There's no need to worry about them - they're here to evaluate your teachers and your school, not you. (That doesn't mean you should go out of your way to be a pain, though) We'll continue through Romeo & Juliet, looking at different student projects from other schools and years in preparation for our own Learning Circle projects. 

English Standards: Reading 1.1, 3.1, 3.3, 3.4, 3.7. Writing 1.1, 2.4. Language Skills 1.11

Monday: The "Balcony Scene". Act 2, Scene 2.1. We'll look at different representations of it and then read P.797 to 799. We'll also go over the Edmodo online assignment and some of your responses. After WM, Notes, and Class Reading, students will break into groups to do one SMM row (the second to be completed in class tomorrow). Remember, each student needs to have a different quote. The idea is that you share expertise in your Learning Circle - and that you think "below the surface" about what your chosen line's significance. This is also an opportunity for your LC to talk about what scene you might want to do, as well as go to the computers to look up the various tools you might use to build your project. 
Acad. Lit.
: Now that we all have an online presence, it's time to divide into our workgroups. Monday will be a dry run where two learning circles will be meeting with me for Writing Workshop, two learning circles will be in Tutorial for their focus classes (Period 2 , Period 4), and two learning circles will be Publishing (your first Google Documents Presentation assignment). WW min: 35 minutes.

Tuesday: The "Balcony Scene", Part II. Act 2, Scene 2.2. We'll look at a few more representations of this famous scene, some famous lines from it, and also watch a film clip of a student LC project. If time allows, we'll also check out Luhrman's 1996 version of the balcony scene. 
  • WM: Choose one of the Balcony Scene lines and sketch out a design for a possible Valentine's Day card featuring that line. How would you depict it?
  • CN: See Presentation. SMM (2nd Row). Check out video tools. 
  • HW: Read Act 2, Scene 3. LA 802, RC 803. 
Acad. Lit
: Workgroups. 
    • WW: Prompt TBA
    • PUB: GDoc "Why I Chose ____ for my Focus Class"
    • TUT: Focus classwork
Wednesday: Friar Lawrence's Cell. Act 2, Scene 3. Hyperbole: the literary device of exaggeration. The character of the Friar is interesting because Friars aren't monks - instead of being chaste hermits, they serve God by serving their community. Why do you think Shakespeare wrote this character as a Friar instead of a Monk?
  • WM: How does Juliet's being up in a balcony fit with Romeo's name meaning "Pilgrim to (Holy) Rome"?
  • CN: See Presentation. Swap SMM with other groups and comment on them (we'll talk about how). 
  • HW: Read Act 2, Scene 3 P.805 - 809 "Exit Mercutio, Benvolio". LA 806, RC 807. 
Acad. Lit
: Workgroups. 
    • WW: Prompt TBA
    • PUB: GDoc "Why I Chose ____ for my Focus Class"
    • TUT: Focus classwork
Thursday: Act 2, Continued
  • WM: No WM. 
  • CN: Grades; SMM#2 Workshop; Films
  • HW: Describe one difference between the different versions of R&J. Finish reading Act 2. Study for Quiz 6. 
Acad. Lit
.: Workgroup Open Collaboration Day. This day is for all students to help each other regardless of Learning Circle. The goal is to have those "Focus Class" presentations ready and linked to your student sites. Tomorrow we will be presenting. 

Friday: Quiz 6. Act 2, Scenes 2 & 3 Reflect on what we've learned this week. Have a Reflective Conversation about what surprised you and what you did or did not agree with in R&J Act 3. This isn't the end of Act 3!
  • Quiz 6 on top
  • Collect Notes/HW/WM/Vocab for 03.19, 03.20, 03.21, 03.22. (4 pages)
  • SMM #2 LC Project
  • Edmodo Assignment #3, last day. 
  • HW: Read Act 3 Scene 5. New Edmodo assignment posted. Remember to register your Gmail Bagels!
Acad. Lit
: Have Inquiring Conversations about our first week doing Workgroups. What did we like? What did we struggle with? What did we learn / learn about? What did we want to do more of, and less of? Present our "Focus Class" Presentations.