Week 7: 09.24 - 09.28.2012

posted Sep 27, 2012, 8:27 AM by Kevin Chow
Focus: Parent conference night is Tuesday. Our GC projects are also due Tuesday. On that day, you will:
  • Present your Google Presentation (rubric on board)
  • Have your Final Draft shared with Mr. Chow
  • Have your Rough Draft commented on (4 comments) & shared with Mr. Chow
  • Have your Storyboard completed.
Monday: Storyboard to Google Presentation. Expert badges awarded on Edmodo. 

Tuesday: Open House tonight, 5-8pm. Presentations begin.

Wednesday: No school.

Thursday: Rest of students present projects; any student who wants to try again for a higher grade can do so. Once your Final Draft has been graded, print it out, staple your storyboard to it, and turn it in. It will be posted on the wall. 
  • Watch "Remington Under Fire"