Week9 04.09 to 04.13.2012

posted Apr 9, 2012, 7:50 AM by Kevin Chow   [ updated Apr 16, 2012, 12:32 PM ]
Focus: Get straight on what's going to be due this week as well as what's coming up. Grades will be turned in Thursday. Packet will be for this week and the week before spring break. We will definitely begin talking about the project this week, probably Friday after the Quiz (Act 2, all scenes). Tuesday will be short. 

What will be due this Friday from last week:
  • Two notes from this week (A2S4.1 & A2S4.2) with warmups and homework
  • Edmodo Assignment #3 and Assignment #4 (will be online this weekend)
  • Finished reading all of Act 2
  • An extra credit assignment online (see Edmodo, will be posted 4.09 by 8pm)
Monday: Student Survey. This is our second one - we will compare it to our first survey results from October 2011. Go over what's going to be due this Friday, including Edmodo assignment. Talk about how our classroom exists simultaneously on both physical and virtual space. 
HW: Finish Student Survey, hand in by end of period. Read Act 2, Scene 3 of R&J. Homework: Two Questions and a Fact.

-How to do 2Q&F: Read A2S3. Write two questions you have about what happens in Act 2, Scene 3. Then, write a fact that you discovered from Act 2, Scene 3 (must be only from A2S3!)

AcadLit: The biggest mess that I ever got myself into.

Tuesday: Short day. Read Act 2, Scene 6. Homework (started in class with LC: Mad Libs paragraph of three vocabulary words from A2S6.

Wednesday: Act 3, Scene 1.1. Watch first part of A3S1 (1996). Notes, homework questions (not in book, so check your notes or click on link). Homework questions must be 2 sentences long at least for each, and should be done with the help of your Learning Circle partners. 

Thursday: Act 3, Scene 1.2. Finish watching rest of A3S1 (1996). Say-Mean-Matter A2S6 & A3S1 with Learning Circles. Grades for Progress Report #2, Semester 2 will be submitted by 8PM tonight.

Friday: Week 9 Quiz on A2S6 and A3S1. Packets for Week 8 and Week 9 are due. Grades posted on wall. Parent letters to those who have not gotten one yet. 

Remember, the room is almost always open at Nutrition and Lunch. I am doing a lot to make help available to you, and you are responsible for reaching out.