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Macbeth Final Projects

posted May 9, 2011, 8:42 PM by Kevin Chow   [ updated May 11, 2011, 6:29 PM ]
As your final project, teams of 2-4 students will choose and create one of the following:
  1. In-Class Performance of Macbeth (lines must be memorized)
  2. Youtube Video of a scene from Macbeth. Lines must be either memorized, lip-synched, cue-carded (off-camera), or translated into modern English.
  3. Macbeth Popplet on a Character
    1. login: password: glacier
  4. Animoto Slide Show for any one entire Act, with captions
    1. login: password: glacier
  5. Sliderocket Slide show for any one entire Act, with captions
    1. login: password: glacier
  6. Create a Wikidot page for any one entire Act, with pictures and text
    1. login: password: glacier
  7. Informative Website using Weebly on Macbeth
    1. login: password: glacier
Choices 1-4 are recommended. 5,6,7 are for advanced computer and internet users only. For choices 3-7, accounts for the classroom have already been created and the login information is provided here.  

Other options can be suggested and will be considered. All projects must be approved by the teacher. All projects must be presented and all presentations must be at least five minutes long. Projects will be graded on accuracy, depth of work, and presentation. 

If members do not show up for a presentation, the group will receive a grade based on what they do have. The missing member will get no credit at all. If an emergency occurs, the parent needs to talk to me in person or over the phone and it will have to be made up another way. This project is worth approximately one full grade (it takes the place of your final). Presentation dates will be set by the end of May. 

Those who attempt choices 5,6, and 7 (only one group from each class may choose these) will be guaranteed a grade of no lower than C unless they hand in nothing at all. 

Project Due Date: 2nd to Last Week of School (June 13-17)