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PHBAO Night & Spring Break

posted Apr 15, 2011, 9:22 PM by Kevin Chow
Thanks to all the students and parents who made 04.14 PHBAO night a whole lot of fun. I really enjoyed talking to all of you and getting to meet your families. It was great seeing Sandra's mom so happy, Morgan's mom happy, and I was glad to see that Dorian's parents plan to help Dorian get his work done. 

Parents, don't forget that you can always email me at; leave me a message (I check every week or so) at my "Contact Me" link in the left sidebar; call Venice High at 310 577 4200; or just show up to our classroom (room 40). Also, Parent Letters go out every 5 weeks... if your child didn't get one, ask him/her to ask me for one (or another one if he/she lost it). 

Over Spring Break, I plan to work out, clean, get ready to begin my Master's Degree at Pepperdine... and also to call all the parents who did not get to come last night. I got every student's home phone number and email today... and whenever I get time I'll make those calls and send out those emails. 

Let's work together to make your child a success at school!

One last note. Remember, I give homework almost every single weekday except for Friday. If a child says that he doesn't have any homework: 1) ask to see his day's Cornell Notes 2) check the website 3) if it happens for more than 2 days in a row, email me. 

A great way to help your child develop good work habits is to make sure that the first hour back home is spent doing Paper&Pencil homework. That means NO COMPUTER, NO XBOX, NO MUSIC, NO TV, NO CELL PHONE. Even if the child says that he needs those things in order to work, do not let him/her! It's for their own good - and one hour a day is not too much. After that one crucial hour, they can play, talk, go outside... but every single day they should be spending one solid hour on Paper&Pencil homework. 

And... if he/she finishes early...then they have to read a book or magazine for the remainder of the hour! This is very important, because regular reading substantially improves a student's reading, critical thinking, spelling, and writing. 

Have a great and safe Spring Break! Class resumes 04.24.2011