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Welcome to High School!

posted Sep 6, 2011, 10:31 PM by Kevin Chow   [ updated Sep 6, 2011, 10:51 PM ]
You should have gotten a copy of the syllabus and student survey (your first homework assignment). If you didn't, you can download copies of them in the "Forms and Docs" section of this site (look in the sidebar on the left - you'll need to scroll down to see it). If you need help, email me. 

Your jobs this week:
  1. return signed stub of Syllabus
  2. complete and return Student Survey
  3. get a parent or guardian to make a comment on this website (click where it says "Contact Me") for +50 EC
  4. Complete your first College Notes for Thursday, September 8. If you lost your template sheet, you can find a copy in the (you guessed it) "Forms and Docs" section. 
  5. Get an "A" on your first Quiz on Friday, September 9.
  6. Buy your supplies...
Here are some links to recommended supplies. You DO NOT have to buy them here but some people prefer it. 
  • Pens (get it for about $1.50 at staples... 99c store ones sometimes don't work)
  • Paper (get it for $1 at 99c store)
  • Plastic Envelope (buy it for .50 from Mr. Chow)
    • OR---
  • Accordion Folder (buy it for $6 from Mr. Chow or about same at Staples or Rite Aid)
  • Backpack (buy it for $7 from Mr. Chow or anywhere... hands are not backpacks. Nor are purses.