Extra-Extra Credit Project

2011 Spring
Complete The Shakespeare Internet Scavenger Hunt. You may work with a partner on this. Look for the file under "Forms and Docs" (can also be found under "Class Announcements") Value: Two Quizzes (200 Test Points)

WARNING: The window here below is just a preview of the document. Do NOT try to fill it out in this little window! You have two choices:
  1. Download it at the link above, print it out or complete it on your computer
  1. Click on the link at the bottom of this preview window and open it using Google docs. You can then fill it out and print it whenever you want (but you may need to make a Google account first). 

Shakespeare Hunt ‎(1)‎.doc

2010 Fall
For this quarter's Extra-Extra Credit Project, you may create a Book Report Storyboard
You will need:
  1. to read a book that is appropriate for your Accelerated Reader Grade Equivalency (GE) score
  2. blank paper
  3. pencil
  4. coloring tools (crayons, pencils, markers... paint, even)
After you've read the book (and you need to get this approved by Mr. Chow first), figure out how you can summarize the entire book into six colorful comic squares. Each will need to include either dialog bubbles or captions, so you will have to plan for that, too. Then, get drawing! Here's a video to help you get started. 

Upon successful completion, you will get to have your EECP posted on the wall of Pretty Good Work

How to Draw a Storyboard